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Let’s go to Nha Trang and Che beach when you can

It is the last people here that have reminded us many times the word “che” in “che cho” (mean protect). However if you are lucky to have chance to visit this place, you will find it easy to understand that name.

Now the tourists coming to Nha Trang are very crowded. The traffic congestion and the traffic jam are not only the concern of the local people, but they are also posted on the newspapers. I am very happy for the development of the beautiful lovely sea, but I am also quite shy when being asked why I have not gone here for a long time by my friends. Then I come back but with myself thought that I only stay in the deserted place. And it is very lucky for me to get the journey on Che beach.
Nha Trang is more and more attractive with tourists all over the World.
Nha Trang is more and more attractive with tourists all over the World.
At first, I find it strange to hear that the beach is lying on Hon Tre, and I do not believe. It is because the modern resorts, crowded tourist sites V, C ... artificially built all are located on the large island not far from the city of Nha Trang.
However when my friend nods for commitment and I see the photos of the last journey of my friend, I feel secure to step on canoe. As expected, there is only our group Che beach- the large one that night in spite of being on the weekend and also the full moon night.
Talk much more about the “lucky” word, it is not only for weather or economy condition. Many years ago, we also went to Tru beach for many times, one of the most beaches of Nha Trang and on Hon Tre too. On that day, the beach is deserted only with a peaceful fishing village, but then they have to be apart from when the tourism area is built.
And now I sometimes hear that Che beach is going to be renovated of Nha Trang tourism. The development of tourism, the need for services, facilities ... are different depending on personal interests and need. But to the lovers of wild nature, going to Che beach which has not still been rebuilt is a very lucky thing.
Che beach is a private beach for you to enjoy a real vacation.
Che beach is a private beach for you to enjoy a real vacation.
“Love each other, love both the way”
In the afternoon, the sun burns naturally, turning gray on the canoe toward Che beach. But the surface of the sea is still even when we go into the small bay embracing the beautiful beach. Maybe it is the reason for the name when the beach shelter sailing boats away from storms in the life.
The white sand curves in the southeast and is covered by two mountains stretching to the sea, and especially you can see both sunrise and sunset when sitting here. And if you are luckier, you will get the opportunity to watch full moon, enjoy the cool blue night.
There are only three simple camps serving the tourists and the local people. But it has updated the stage of selfie, so it prepare  a few more white umbrellas, yellow gold ones, and floating buoys, suspended hammocks for relaxation or performance...
There is remaining flower gate which may be used for colorful wedding shooting. You see that, but it is very beautiful on the photos. Because it is when show the body on the white sand, when the tide goes up on the clear quiet surface as the lake.
Che beach is more bewitching in the sunset.
Che beach is more bewitching in the sunset.
Yellow combined with blue looks glorious. And blue combined with white transfers as crystal… many corner of beautiful shooting for the couples. Addition is the near background, the smooth white sand, the large context is green mountains surrounding the shrubs in the coconut shade.
One rocky reef changes the tones for shooting when being full of the sea color. On the other hand, though you are enthusiastic to play, when coming here you should wake up early to see the very beautiful sunrise, as the way photographers share photo hunting place to each other on the public forum. We were really lucky when the sunrise on that day was very colorful.
Another advantage of the Che beach journey is that canoe does not come from Cau Da seaport but from small wharf on Cai River. Therefore, there will be many strange beautiful place for tourists to take photos; it is very rare to get just in a short journey.
Che beach is very ideal for the BBQ party.
Che beach is very ideal for the BBQ party.
From the green isle Champa to Poh Nagar tower, the elegant Tran Phu bridge to the little small temple Tu Ton on Hon Do, to blue fishing port full of relaxing boats. Especially, Cai River suddenly change the color because of the rain dying the sea yellow, it is just fade gradually when running to the big sea.
There is still more than half day to wait the night train to Saigon. Going pass the crowded streets of Nha Trang, I always remember quiet moments of beautiful beaches and the simple stories of friendly local people… I think I will come back to this place soon and not for only once.  

Both delicious and full”
You can travel to Che beach by many ways. You can start in the morning and go back in the afternoon or stay overnight, or just come in the afternoon and back in the early morning. The price has changed, depending on that you only hire the canoe or use with the eating service, one or many meals.
If you stay overnight, the staff here will prepare for you sleeping tents or hammocks as what you require. Therefore, the price is dependent on the number of tourists group (to divide the canoe cost), it is about from $23 to $45.
An advantageous news is that if the lonely traveler wants to stay overnight with the low cost, he can himself prepare all things from tents, sleeping bags, food, water ..., and then contact to the boat owners to be able to go together.
However you should note that at night, in the beach area there are small insects such as mosquitoes... bite quite painfully and leave the mark for a long time, so you need bring along the medicine for only external use, spray medicine and careful shielding as well.
From the April to the October is the convenient time for traveling to Che beach. The direction of the beach pick up the wind, so on the other season, the wind is very strong. In addition to relaxing, bathing, visitors can trekking across the slopes, hills to the Bich Dam, Dam Bay ... On the days ago there were very many residents here, but now remain a few because most of them have moved to the mainland and give in this land for the project.
Seafood of Che beach will be kept in your mind by the freshness.
Seafood of Che beach will be kept in your mind by the freshness. 
The seafood here is very fresh and delicious, some of them are caught by the fisherman going to catch on the day such as oysters, fish ...processed simply but very delicious. And the meals of the fisherman are quite plentiful, certainly make you full and feel delicious after the swimming, diving journey or mountain climbing.

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