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Things you should know when traveling to Binh Ba Island

Things you should know when traveling to Binh Ba Island

On the next weekend, you should try escaping from the hot weather of Saigon, the cramped Hanoi and go to Binh Ba Island (Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa) with your friends to enjoy the cool weather of the beach and sky. You certainly feel of the infinitive purity and wilderness.

Cam Ranh Bay is far from about 60 km to the south of Nha Trang, it looks like a beautiful blue silk, sunny all of the year, and the clear blue sky creates the surface of bay a pleasant blue color. Binh Ba bay tourism is quite new to the tourists on the tour, but very familiar and attractive destination of travelers. Binh Ba is also a small island on Cam Ranh Bay and protects this bay from the strong storms, the safety home for the boats when meeting storms offshore. Therefore it is named as Binh Ba.
From Ba Ngoi (Cam Ranh port), it takes you about one hour on boat to the island. When sitting on the boat, you can interestingly see the beautiful scene. The nature here almost is very wild, very beautiful: the white yellow smooth sand stretches as without any people foot ever, the most beautiful is still populations of granite cliffs due to the erosion of wind, sea water creating a strange piling shape piling. How can more amazing for Vietnam family holidays like to visit and enjoy Binh Ba Island.
If you consider the Gulf of Cam Ranh as U shape, then Binh Ba island looks like a dot at two ends of U letter, creating two sea gate( one is big, one is a small). The sea here is calm all the year, the water surface is gentle and there no wave. You can feel free to see the scenes on two boat sides, take memorable pictures, and watch the cement plant or seagulls hovering over the sea...
When you are near to Binh Ba island, you will find the blue color of the water change, the surface now is calm, the wind looks like not blowing, and a strange feeling appears when you see from the distance the roof tile, lobster rafts. The most exciting thing is when the boat goes pass the rafts, the dogs on this rafts bark loudly, and a feeling of eager, expectation appear in your heart.
I believe that when reaching this place, you will be surprised by the clear blue water, and if you are lucky enough you will see a fish flock swimming around the boat. This will give you a photo which you can never forget.
If you want to get out of the tiredness after a long way, you can ask the local people for temporary resting place in their home to relax and refresh yourselves; and then do not forget to explore the island in the early morning.
Don't miss lobster in Binh Ba Island. 
The people here are choosing the best shellfish for lobster to eat.

Do fishing with some tours on Binh Ba Island.
Sitting on fishing boats to visit around Binh Ba Island.

Binh Ba Island looks like a turtle go to the sea.
Binh Ba Island in the distance is as a turtle turning the head to the sea.

Let go along the beach to take some shells.
The children are concentrated on collecting snails and corals on the beach.

Diving in  Binh Ba.
You should try once diving to see the coral reefs from Old Quarter in Binh Ba Island.
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