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What do you need to know when climbing Pha Luong mountain?

What do you need to know when climbing Pha Luong mountain?

Pha Luong mountain is not too high and it is also not too difficult to climb as other mountains in the North, but the way to the border station, the point of gathering to start climbing is a real challenge.

“Pha Luong slopes are tortuous and look very far
Solitary cloud in the sky
Thousand meters up and down
Whose house in Pha Luong is far away"

Original text:
“Dốc lên khấp khửu dốc thăm thẳm
Heo hút cồn mây sung ngửi trời
Ngàn thước lên cao ngàn thước xuống
Nhà ai Pha Luông mưa xa khơi”
The familiar sentences in the poem Tay Tien once urged me to go to explore Pha Luong in some days. Pha Luong is the mountain top far from Moc Chau 70 km, in Tan Xuan commune, Chieng Xuan, and the trip to this place did not disappoint young people who love exploring and challenging themselves.
 You will be impressed by the imposing slopes of Pha Luong.
Firstly, you will be impressed by the slopes of Pha Luong mountain.
The Pha Luong mountain top was not too high and hard to climb as other mountains in the North, but the way to the border station, the point of gathering to start climbing is a real challenge. The red- landed road was tinny, slop up and lying squeezed from this mountain to other mountain. The iron horses plowed and crawled the number 1 on the slope, sometimes you had to push it up, and sometimes its wheels turned round and are defeated by slippery road. That day, our group went on a sunny day, if not we certainly had had to surrender or parked car and walked into.
The road was 10 km long but we had to go more than 3 hours with the quick lunch with the border troops, get the strength to conquer the next road. All people in group were very excited to see the sea of clouds as what the soldiers shared.
The route to conquer Pha Luong mountain top is very interesting, we experienced the change of scenery, nature along the way. Experiences such as bending to walk in the ivory bamboo as forming a gate arch, as romantic as walking on happy road. Then the birch is high, the road is full of yellow leaves, the feeling as in a movie. It is clinging to the roots, swinging, climbing up the tree, the whole body slipping in the butt. We both walked and sang, then together laughed at the slippery felling of somebody in the group.
Craxy off road to conquer Pu Luong peak.
Crazy off road and soi land can be the barricades to the peal of Pha Luong.
The journey lasted about 4 hours, all of burst into a scream when hearing the cloud. This is the first time I knew what the clouds was look like and the feeling of clouds under my foot. It looked like that I wanted to jump into that cloud sea immediately.
That Pha Luong mountain top is on the sea is the special thing and it is also the natural border of Vietnam and Laos. We could see the way to Laos, and see the border markers that the soldiers daily patrol.
And another impressive thing of Pha Luong to us was the close love between residents here and border soldiers here. The loved dinner also made us understand more about the love of people here, about the hard daily life of soldiers which made us more respect and love them.
We said goodbye to Pha Luong and the border soldiers. And we continued the journey to Moc Chau with the beautiful and attractive fields of flowers. Summarizing the experiences for you to go to Pha Luong:

The schedule

The most practical reasonable time is 2 days and 2 nights:
A cloudless day in Pu Luong
Pu Luong in a cloudless and clear day.
  • Depart from the Friday, and stay in Moc Chau. Refer morea about Moc Chau itinerary via the homestay experience in Moc Chau is colorful all-year-round and fresh with the typical climate of the highland.
  • The Saturday morning: Moc Chau, going along the entrance to Loong Sap Gate
    • Note to constantly ask the people the way to Pha Luong, because there is a turn to Chieng Ve, if not you will go too and get lost.
    • Send the car and check with the border guard.
    • Have lunch and then climb. It takes about 3 hours to climb, one hour to play and 2- 2.5 hours to go down the mountain.
    • About 6- 7 p.m you will get down the mountain.
  • Sunday: Going to visit Moc Chau 
    • There are some cabbage field which few people know, but they are more beautiful than the cabbage field along the road. You can ask for the way to Lun village, Muong Sang. Going deeper, it is a big cabbage field few people know, but it is extremely beautiful.
    • On the way back, you should follow the road to Ba Khan (when near to the Thung Khe Pass, turn left to that way). Note to ask people and look carefully at the sign.
Ba Khan is so beautiful with the road around Hoa Binh Hydropower, you will a lake as beautiful as Ha Long Bay, and the road is so quiet, peaceful with the golden chains in the sunlight and the rows of swinging bulbul.

Almost of people want to catch sea cloud in Pha Luon
But almost of people want to catch to the sea of cloud in Pha Luong.
If you have a long holiday, you can make use of time to visit Moc Chau with the places deserving to be visited to traveler such as Pa Phach, Moc Chau tea hill, stay one night with camp fire in the pine forests of Ang village...


  • The clothes: you should to wear warmly, but you have to wear many layers. And you should choose the climbing shoes or army shoes. Do not put on sport shoes because it does not stick and is very slippery.
  • Cars: you have to drive the cars with tires having good adhesion because the road is very slippery. Or you can make a chain thing wrapping the tires as the way local people do, this is so right. You should not ride gas motorbikes.
  • Should buy yellow spice to stick to light because the ability to pass Thung Khe Pass is easy to encounter fog.
  • You also should hire a guide because the climbing road has many turns, it is easy to be lost.
  • All the members of group have to bring along required documents to be able to complete the procedure.
  • Conquering the peak of Pu Luong mountain spends for backpackers. If you still want to challenge yourself, let's contact to the top travel agency in Hanoi to have an ideal plan. You also combine to visit Moc Chau in its most wonderful flower lands.